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KwaNobuhle man's false hijacking report lands him in court

Mar 7, 2016
KwaNobuhle man's false hijacking report lands him in court

KwaNobuhle detectives on Sunday arrested a 49 year-old man on charge of perjury after he falsely reported an attempted hijacking case.

According to police spokesperson, Sergeant Majola Nkohli; "Apparently, the suspect had an argument with his girlfriend and a fight ensued between the two following which his vehicle was damaged.

"After the fight - and in an attempt to get his insurance to cover the damage, he went to the local police station and allegedly reported that he had just overpowered three suspects, who had attempted to hijack his vehicle.

"However, during preliminery investigations, local police officers discovered that it was actually his girlfriend, who had damaged the car in an argument."

The man is appearing at the KwaNobuhle Magistrate's Court on Monday on a charge of perjury.

"Actually, we would like to warn the motorists and members of the public not to open false cases with the police for the purposes of getting insurance payouts," Sgt Nkohli warned.

"Perjury is a very serious charge. Remember, the statements that are taken at the police station are sworn statements - where you are supposed to tell only the truth, and when you submit a false statement, you actually lying and misleading the court."