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Kwazakele police promoting fitness and human rights

Mar 14, 2018
Kwazakele police promoting fitness and human rights

With Human Rights Day approaching, Kwazakele police in Port Elizabeth, embarked on a human rights theme during a fitness enhancement program held in Zwide.

"Kwazakele police members on Tuesday conducted a fitness enhancement program which started off from the Dan Qeqe Stadium in Zwide at 06:00," said police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge.

"The participating police members walked a route of about four and a half 4.5 kilometres through one of the high crime areas of Zwide and Kwazakele.

"With human rights as the theme, pamphlets with safety hints and tips as well as human rights education were distributed all along the route. Focus was also placed on young children walking to school and making sure they cross busy streets safely."

Once back at the stadium, the police members ended the program by also taking part in an aerobics and 'Taebo' routine.


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