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Kwazakhele ‘crime central’ in Nelson Mandela Bay

Kwazakhele ‘crime central’ in Nelson Mandela Bay

An analysis of the 2013/2014 annual crime statistics released by National Police Commissioner General Riah Phiyega on Friday revealed that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s townships recorded some of the worst crime stats for crimes such as hijacking, murder and robbery.

The stats showed that, last year, the Kwazakhele police station received 126 reports of house robbery; 83 of murder; 105 hijackings; and 241 reported sexual offences. Kwazakhele effectively topped the chart for house robberies; hijackings and sexual offences.

Neighbouring New Brighton township only surpassed Kwazakhele in murders – 103 cases reported last year. New Brighton had the second highest number of house robberies (107); the second highest number of hijackings (80); the second highest number of sexual offences with 213 cases reported last year.

This is not to say local residents are safe everywhere else.

Bethelsdorp had the third highest number of murders and sexual offences in the Bay with 69 and 209 cases reported last year respectively. During that same period, 67 house robberies were reported in KwaNobuhle; and 64 hijacking in Motherwell.

833 house burglaries were reported in Walmer last year while 824 were reported in Bethelsdorp; 758 in Kabega and 655 in Humewood.

Last year, Mount Road police station received 449 cases of white collar crime while Humewood received 184; Uitenhage 166 and Walmer 159.

With 51 murders, the fourth highest, recorded last year, Gelvandale also appeared on the tally.

However, police have crime under control

“Police are in control. The fact that we arrested 1.7 million people in the past year alone says a lot. Policing is a highly controlled environment with clear standing orders.

“Yes mistakes are made but they tend to be the ones that are flagged by the media,” Phiyega said on Monday reacting to criticism that police have lost the war on crime during The New Age business briefing.

The DA said in a statement that the rate of crime in the province would be vastly improved if SAPS in the Eastern Cape was better resourced.

“High visibility policing is recognised to cut the crime rate by 40%.

“The crisis with the lack of functional vehicles at police stations in this province is a direct cause of our high rate of crime in the Eastern Cape,” the party said.

“The DA reiterates its view that we need high visibility policing, rapid response units and a well-trained detective service if we are going to reduce crime and nail and jail the criminals.”

Meanwhile, Provincial police commissioner Lieutenant-General Celiwe Binta is briefing the media today on high crime levels in Nelson Mandela Bay.