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Land to be availed for Masakhane backyard dwellers

May 30, 2018
Land to be availed for Masakhane backyard dwellers

The Overstrand Municipality on Tuesday said that a delegation of community leaders from Masakhane, in Gansbaai, met with the Executive Mayor and a delegation of the Overstrand Municipality on Monday to get feedback regarding a possible solution for backyard dwellers in the area.

"As an interim solution, two portions of land within the existing urban edge of Masakhane will be made available where temporary structures can be erected," said Riana Steenekamp, Municipal Spokesperson.

"These new plots, not bigger than 30m² each, will be provided with basic services (1 communal toilet for every 5 plots and 1 communal tap for every 20 plots).

"The recipients are required to carry the cost of the erection of their structure themselves. The basic services are partly developed and will be operationally upgraded."

Steenkamp said that it was also agreed that the community leaders will provide a list of the most vulnerable backyard dwellers to the Municipality before Friday, 1 June 2018.

"On Friday, the Municipality will also provide a basic lay-out of plots on mentioned two portions of land," she said.

"The list of potential beneficiaries, as provided by the delegation, will be compared and verified against the existing housing database for Overstrand Municipality. No-one who has already been a housing beneficiary will be allowed to erect a temporary structure and therefore potential beneficiaries will also be vetted in the last mentioned regard.

"The municipal administration will also be responsible for allocation and occupation process by potential beneficiaries."