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Late Rev Mcebisi Canon Xundu gets Special Provincial Official Funeral

JANUARY 27, 2015
Late Rev Mcebisi Canon Xundu gets Special Provincial Official Funeral

The Eastern Cape Funeral Committee for the late Rev Mcebisi Xundu, wishes to update members of the public of the following arrangements that President Jacob Zuma has designated the funeral of liberation struggle veteran as a Special Provincial Official Funeral.

prominent human rights leader, Reverend Xundu died last week Wednesday of pneumonia in Port Elizabeth. 

Rev Xundu is credited for playing a critical role in the struggle against apartheid as one of the brave clergymen who used church as a site to fight injustices and human rights violations.

The 80-year-old was also a fearless leader who made a huge difference in many communities, through projects aimed at uplifting and educating the less privileged.

Thandiwe Xundu, his widow of said, "He loved community work, he really loved being out in the community, in community organisations, helping people. He also loved being part of the programs and he just lived that as his life style."

 Acting President of the Republic, the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, in her condolences to the family said that; "He understood his calling as a man of the cloth to mean fighting for human rights, freedom and justice for all. He distinguished himself well in fighting for people in distress and the poor."

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape said that Rev Xundu was a "great religious leader and a true patriot whose contribution we shall forever treasure for generations to come."

Its spokesman, Siya Mdodi, said; "The passing of Reverend Mcebisi Xundu reminds us of many religious leaders who took an active role in liberating the people of South Africa as part of the broad liberation movement, like Dr Koza Mgojo, Bishop David Russell, Beyers Naude, and many more who preached what they referred to us as the liberation theology. They have always insisted that the God they worship is that of the poor and the downtrodden and that he wanted his people to be free.

"The leaders like Reverend Xundu remains an instructive reminder of the convergence in the ethical content of both Marxism and religion, and that they both stand for peace, justice and human prosperity."


The honour is reserved for distinguished South African citizens who have made a meaningful contribution to the country.

A provincial cross-functional task team led by the Eastern Cape Provincial Communications, under the stewardship of Deputy Director General (DDG) Qwase was immediately set in motion to work with the Xundu family to prepare for funeral.   


The Provincial Official Memorial Service for Rev Mcebisi Xundu will take place this evening, Tuesday, 27 January 2014 at 18h00 at Nongoza Jebe in Port Elizabeth. 

The memorial service is expected to be attended by MECs, Mayors and Councillors, Representatives of political parties, business leaders, religious community and members of the community.   


As is the standard procedure in all Official State Funerals of the Republic, the State President has authorized that the National Flag be flown at half-mast at every flag station (Police stations, schools, government buildings etc.) in the Eastern Cape Province on Thursday, 29 January 2015, the day of the funeral.


The funeral service will take place on the 29 January 2015 at Nongoza Jebe Hall (known as Centenary Hal) at New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. The proceedings will commence at 09h00. All mourners are expected to be seated by 08h30.

His body will be cremated at Walmer Crematorium but his remains will be laid to rest Manzana Engcobo, as per the Rev Xundu’s wishes. Further details of the funeral will be communicated on Wednesday (28 January 2015).