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Launch of Bay Business Expo aimed at boosting local economy

Jul 8, 2017
Launch of Bay Business Expo aimed at boosting local economy

The newly launched Bay Business Expo in the Northern Areas yesterday augurs well for Nelson Mandela Bay as an opportunity city, focused on growing the economy.

The initiative is aimed at boosting the local economy through the support of local businesses by buying locally produced goods and services. 

It is the brainchild of the Gifted Hands, a local Non-Profit Organisation whose core mandate is to create synergies between local businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and the general public to work collaboratively in growing the Metro's economy.

Delivering his keynote address, the Executive Mayor, Cllr Athol Trollip emphasised the importance of recognising the city's unique features through its unique product offering.

"Nelson Mandela Bay is a unique city with unique offerings. Thus, as a city, we need to capitalise on these strengths. We need to use this Expo as a steppingstone to grow our local economy. Let us motivate our youth to find their niche in the economy, this will help rid our society of the social ills it's faced with and to help address unemployment in the Metro." said Mayor Trollip.

The event was attended by local businessmen and aspiring entrepreneurs to use the platform as a vehicle to strengthen the message of supporting local businesses through buying locally produced products and services.

"Don't look for a hand out, but a hand up," Mayor Trollip said.

These collaborative efforts will go a long way for the city to achieve its goal of creating a shared vision. This coalition government supports all efforts to bring meaningful change to all residents.