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Law enforcement gets ready for Easter weekend

Mar 17, 2016
Law enforcement gets ready for Easter weekend

Road safety and traffic law enforcement officers throughout the country are gearing up to monitor South Africa’s roads ahead of the Easter weekend.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) will deploy the National Traffic Police to work with provincial authorities to reduce crashes on identified hazardous routes.

The Quadriplegic Association of South Africa is also planning to deploy its members at filling stations located on major national routes to encourage motorists and passengers to wear seatbelts in order to reduce the number of spinal cord injuries from road crashes.

Motorists will be approached by members of the association and asked to sign a pledge tobuckle up.

“Quadriplegics and paraplegics involved with this road safety campaign will be branded with bibs which identify them as campaigners and will introduce themselves in order to encourage motorists to wear their seatbelts on their journey,” RTMC said in a statement on Tuesday.

The association estimates that more than 900 people sustain spinal cord injuries in South Africa per annum and half of the injuries are from road crashes.

According to the RTMC, officers are already deployed at key points this week in preparation for the start of school holidays and Human Rights Day. Traffic leaving major centres is expected to increase in Gauteng and the Western Cape on Friday, because of the school holidays.

“This will be followed by another upsurge on Thursday when religious people travel to various places of worship,” RTMC said.

Provincial authorities will be undertaking massive public transport focused operations this week and early next week to ensure that buses and taxis that will be transporting people to different places are roadworthy and that drivers are in a fit and healthy state to drive long distances.

– SAnews.gov.za