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Leader in marches against Tim Omotoso severely assaulted, Gender Commission appeals for witnesses

Jan 17, 2018
Leader in marches against Tim Omotoso severely assaulted, Gender Commission appeals for witnesses

The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) on Wednesday said that it is shocked at the alleged assault of a gender activist, Pamela Mabini, who has been leading marches against sex assault-accused Pastor Tim Omotoso, a controversial Nigerian televangelist and Senior pastor of the Jesus Dominion International Church.

Omotoso, together with, Lusanda Solani and Zukiswa Sitho, the two women accused of recruiting and grooming young girls for him, are again expected in court on the the 29th of January.

The 59-year-old Pastor faces charges of racketeering, numerous sexual and human trafficking charges as well as an additional five charges relating to the Immigration Act.

He has been languishing at the St Albans Prison since his arrest on 20 April 2017 by the Hawks at the Port Elizabeth International Airport and has failed to secure his release on bail on two occasions.

His supporters claim that he is innocent and has been unfairly targeted by law enforcement agencies, who have held him over trumped up charges.

Alleged assault condemned 

"The Commission condemns the alleged assault that has left Ms Mabini with a swollen face," it said, adding, "The Commission is also saddened by the allegations that she was assaulted or attacked for her stance against women and child abuse."

It called on those, who witnessed the alleged incident, to cooperate or better still, volunteer information with the police since a case of grievous bodily harm (assault GBH) has been opened.

"In this endeavour, they will not be supporting Ms Mabini, but all survivors or victims of gender based violence, who at times are left alone to face the ordeal of being assaulted or attacked," the Commission said.

"The Commission is also calling upon the police for a speedy investigation and for the perpetrator if the allegations are true to be punished, henceforth pay for the damages of Ms Mabini’s cellphone that got broken during the alleged assault.

"The alleged attacker should be made example off that society cannot allow innocent people to be attacked for exercising their constitutional rights.

"Ms Mabini should be applauded for spearheading and leading the voices against one of the serious crimes that is committed against humanity on a daily basis, not attacked."

The Commission said that it will be monitoring the case to ensure that justice for both the alleged perpetrator and the victim is served.

"We urge members of the public who have knowledge of and information on acts of gender based violence and abuse to call our Toll-Free Number 0800 007 709 to report such cases."