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Lengthy jail terms for gangland hitmen, who shot and killed 12-year-old

Jul 27, 2018
Lengthy jail terms for gangland hitmen, who shot and killed 12-year-old

Eastern Cape SAPS Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Liziwe Ntshinga, has welcomed the hefty sentences imposed on two gang members in the Port Elizabeth High Court on Thursday afternoon.

“It is only through thorough investigation of cases and the integrated partnership with the prosecuting authority that we, the SAPS can enhance our strategy of achieving our goal of building a society where law abiding citizens ARE and FEEL safe," commented Lt Gen Ntshinga.

On 7 June 2016, Aaliyah Tee (12) was fatally shot in her house in Bethelsdorp while her father sustained three gunshot wounds after suspects pretending to be police officers entered their home.

"A week after the incident, Deon Harmse (24) was arrested and charged for murder and attempted murder. The second accused, Nealon Redhouse (21) as arrested in July at a house in Stuurman Street in Bethelsdorp," described police spokesperson, Col Priscilla Naidu.

"A 9mm pistol, ammunition, bullet proof vests and two cellphones were confiscated. Both accused remained in custody until their sentencing."

In February 2018, Nealon Redhouse was sentenced to an effective 18 years for two other murders and a string of additional charges which was committed in November 2015.

On Thursday, both Redhouse and Harmse were convicted and sentenced for murder, attempted murder, impersonating a police officer, housebreaking with intent to commit murder, possession of firearm and possession of ammunition.

"A total of 89 years imprisonment were imposed on them of which 30 years will be effectively served. Redhouse will only start serving his 30-year sentence after he has completed serving his 18 year sentence for the murder cases committed in 2015."

Lt Gen Ntshinga added that, "These sentences meted out to these criminals indicates that justice has been served. Credit must be given to the investigating team, prosecutors, the 1st responders at the crime scene, forensic experts and all those involved in securing a watertight case against these criminals. At the same time, we hope that family of Tee will derive strength from the fact that those who inflicted this painful experience in their lives, have been sent to jail for a very long time."