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Less money for education and more for health

NOVEMBER 19, 2014
Less money for education and more for health

Finance MEC Sakhumzi Somyo has made additional funding available for the department of Health and as well as Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism and taken a slice off the Education Budget.

The revised allocations in terms of the Division of Revenue Act were published in the Provincial Gazette today and will also be tabled in the Legislature today.

Health gets an additional R6.8 million for the provision of municipal health care services, taking the total allocation for the current financial year to R16.9 million.

Most of the additional funding goes to the OR Tambo District Municipality (R2.8 million) and Chris Hani DM (R2.9 million).

The MEC has sliced R14.7 million off the funding for Public Ordinary Schools in the Education Budget that is directed towards Institutional Development Support and Governance. This reduces the total allocation for this purpose to R1.736 billion, as the non-personnel allocations to schools have been revised.

The MEC points out that the budget allocations to some schools has been cut as a result of a reduction in pupil numbers that was revealed in a snap survey conducted this year.

The allocation to Independent Schools to support the provision of goods and services required for education has been reduced by R953 000 down to R111.2 million, as not all schools complied with the regulations,

The MEC has also published details of funds that were not allocated in the Main Appropriation to Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism for the Expanded Public Works Programme: Greenest Municipality Competition and Waste Management. - metrominutes