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Lessons for South African small business from Pokémon Go

AUGUST 16, 2016
Lessons for South African small business from Pokémon Go

Location-based mobile game Pokémon Go is perhaps the best commercial example of augmented reality (AR) gaming to date since the introduction of the technology in terms of broad global market appeal.

The market valuation for the Kyoto-based gaming company, Nintendo, climbed to R574 billion following the game’s release in the United States of America (US) in July.   However, last week investors wiped R86 billion off the market when the company announced the global success of the game would not result in an upward revision of its consolidated financial forecast.

The short and long of it, as we were reminded by Macquarie analyst David Gibson, is that Nintendo jogged the market’s memory by noting that its financial interest in the game was limited because of its ownership stake and the game’s development history.

Despite the very interesting and complex set of “Pokéconomics,” there are curious and practical business lessons for aspiring  app and tech entrepreneurs, and a few trends can be distilled from the Pokémon Go phenomenon.

Image: CATCH’EM ALL:  Enterprise Development Manager Scott Zambonini from Seda Nelson Mandela Bay ICT Incubator (SNII), says several lessons from the gaming phenomenon, Pokémon Go, are relevant to South African small businesses.