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Lexus UX 200 review: The Lexus UX 200 is stylish, fun and awesome to drive

By Graeme Lund - Apr 17, 2019
Lexus UX 200 review: The Lexus UX 200 is stylish, fun and awesome to drive

What we found out on our Lexus UX 200 review

Port Elizabeth - “Experience Amazing” is Lexus’ latest slogan. To anybody who has not driven a Lexus this sounds arrogant, even childish but for those of us who have sat behind the wheel of a Lexus, we know it to be an understatement. The Lexus UX 200 is no exception.

I test drive a lot of different cars and there is no car manufacturer that I know of who procures vehicles that drive as smooth as a Lexus. Despite the UX 200 being from the lower echelons of the Lexus stable I found it to be one of the quietest, smoothest and most comfortable cars I have driven.

The Lexus UX 200 has imperceptible style

Another feature of a Lexus brand is that their vehicle designs are imperceptibly stylish. Think of a very well dressed man in a beautifully fitted suit standing in a crowd of people wearing everything from baggies to leotards. Your eye is initially drawn to the loud and outlandish, the sexy and the gaudy but eventually your eye falls on the bespoke suit and it is then that your frown changes to a slow smile.

Standing in a Lexus showroom is like visiting a Chanel dress shop. Nothing loud, nothing shabby - just pure style.

And then your eye falls on the UX 200. More to the point, your eye falls on the front grill of the UX 200. It is more than eye catching, it is a work of art. It’s like having a Van Gogh Starry Night painting in a room full of Baroque art.

Lexus UX 200 performance

The third most noticeable feature of all Lexus’ is the driver ergonomics. Once seated everything is less than an arms’ reach away. You never need to lean forward or swivel your body or tilt your head. Everything is just right.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of the UX 200 is better than sitting in an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars. The wrap around controls and dashboard are far more sophisticated (except for the signature analogue clock which is a touch of class).

You can control the radio, sound, cell phone connection and navigation map through a touch pad. Volume and channel controls through an armrest palm control and the rest of the functionality (of which there are plenty) through the steering wheel controls.

Start the car and you won’t hear the engine but you will notice the rev counter. Take your foot off the brake and swivel the steering wheel and that effortless control of a Lexus puts that same half smile on your lips as when you notice James Bond walking into a room.

On the road and you are cocooned in comfort, style and, well, silence. The drive is as smooth as the silk from the same cocoon.

Thanks to the 2.0-litre, in-line four-cylinder petrol engine, the UX 200 performs like a Parkour athlete.   The Variable Valve Timing-intelligent (VVT-iE) engine and ultra-lightweight pistons produce 126 kW @ 6600 rpm and 205 Nm @ 4800 rpm - more than sufficient to push you into the back of your seat when needed.

The fuel efficiency is just that - efficient at 6.1 litres/100km.

The UX 200 is all you expect from Lexus but with a bit more excitement. This is not a car for a retiree or a CEO or even for an elegant lady, this is car for somebody who values style but is not afraid to roll up their tailored sleeves and dirty their hands or remove their Jimmy Choos and go barefoot on the dance floor.

This is a cross over SUV with roof rails for your mountain bike or surf board and a boot that is too small to fit a pram but large enough for a weekend getaway.

This car is stylish, fun and awesome to drive.

To Experience Amazing in the All New Lexus UX 200 call Ofentse Boloko on 041 393 2000 or visit LEXUS Port Elizabeth / Algoa Toyota Port Elizabeth on the corner of Willow Road and Circular Drive.

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