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Library Week: The role of the library with regards to disabled persons

Mar 21, 2018
Library Week: The role of the library with regards to disabled persons

George Libraries had a special event during Library Week for the role of the library with regards to disabled people.

The event for the different abled people were held on Tuesday, March 20th in the George Civic Centre where representatives from George Sport, Up with Downs, Yeshua Skills, Asijike from the George Arts Theatre, GO GEORGE, Rudie Lombard, a member of the Association of the Mouth and Foot Painters, Association for Persons with Disabilities George (APD), Mr CE Mobility, Community Workers Project(CWP), Ilitha, Deaf South Africa and Sharon Eland-Prins who is publishing a book, Friends of the Library, Western Cape APD and the Youth Development Programme attended the event.

The theme of Library Week this year is Libraries: Heart of the Community.

Cllr Sean Snyman, Portfolio Councillor for Library Services, Keynote Speaker at the event, said as we celebrate Library Week, we need to intensify our awareness and sensitisation of these institutions to people living with disabilities.

“In an ever-changing and digital world where knowledge and information are power and education is increasingly important, the purpose of libraries have transformed from being buildings housing books to places where young and old gather vital information regarding not only the past, but assist in making informed decisions about our future.”

Snyman said “though we have not reached our full potential, modern libraries have come a long way to making the transition from being exclusive to becoming spaces where communities can gather and harvest information.” He referred to schools that need to be equipped for people living with disabilities as well as public facilities.

Snyman said “it is our duty as society and Municipality to create an environment where all people can find their ability and not be recognised by a disability.

Some of the representatives entertained the audience with their skills. Lombard’s paintings were exhibited in the hall and Eland-Prins spoke about her life as an author. Some people spoke about audio books and did dancing as well. Tjebbe Witteveen from Mr Mobility spoke about mobility and wheelchairs and the importance of it. Lombard spoke about his life in a wheelchair and how he sustains himself through mouth painting. He did a live painting in front of the audience.