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Life’s short, so catch a tan and a cruise with Sunday’s River Adventures

Life’s short, so catch a tan and a cruise with Sunday’s River Adventures

A colleague and I were recently fortunate enough to try our skills at sandboarding and what awesome fun we had. Arriving in Sunday’s River at 9:00am we were greeted by Karl Botha, our host for the day, who welcomed us and after a short briefing session and signing of indemnity forms, we jumped on his boat and off we went down the river to the dunes.

We climbed up the dunes to find the perfect spot to settle our things and start our day. Before we could slide down the dunes, we had to polish the boards to make sure they were super slippery for a smooth ride.

This was my colleague’s first attempt at sandboarding and we were both very excited but somewhat nervous. I had tried my hand at sandboarding only once before and had given up after a mouthful of sand! However, in the hands of a great coach, nothing was going to deter us.

We stopped half way up the dune as we wanted to start small and, literally, move up from there. After strapping our feet into our boards and an explanation of how we should ‘steer’ and stand, it was a case of ching, chong, cha to see who was going to be the first. It turned out to be my college and, after watching her successful slide, I jumped up and off I went.

The more rides we completed, the more confident we became. Although we had our fair share of falls, they all came with lots of laughter and neither of us were hurt. We were always ready to run up the dune and set off for another slide. An awesome side effect is the great exercise you get by climbing up the dunes after each ride.

After some time, we had a break and relaxed on the dunes with the beautiful views of waves crashing near the river mouth, the spectacular birdlife calmly passing through the air above us and the fishermen’s rods extended all along the riverbank. Just being on the dunes and out in the fresh air was relaxing and refreshing.

Another few slides after our break and we decided to climb to the top of the biggest dune where we took to lying down flat on the boards which was probably even more of a rush than the stand-up boards.

All in all it was an excellent experience and we had loads of fun. Karl was a great host and kept the day entertaining with interesting stories. When it was time to head back, we jumped on the boat and set off up the river where we were treated to a bit of a ride up river before parking at the jetty and jumping off, ready to head home and sort through our awesome photos!

Sandboarding is a great outdoor activity for a group of friends, teambuilding or just a day out in nature. Don’t forget your water, sunblock, shoes, snacks and camera’s for great smile’s at home.

Sunday’s River Adventures also has river cruises on the Maggie May House Boat and various water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding and wake-snake trips.

For more information or to book and pay online go to www.SundaysRiverAdventures.com or call Karl Botha on 071 185 6565 or e-mail [email protected]