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Lifestyle advertising campaign reaches 60 000 families

APRIL 7, 2016
Lifestyle advertising campaign reaches 60 000 families

Statistically, we may not be in a recession but it sure feels like we are. Inflation, fuel price and interest rates just keep rising.  The only thing that gets smaller is the amount of disposable income that an average family has available.

To assist both the advertiser and the people wanting to enjoy what life has to offer, Ricochet Publishing launched its new Life Style advertising campaign at the start of the year. 

The campaign sees advertisers receive exposure in Home Food and Travel magazine and website, RNews website, RNews email newsletter and RNews Facebook.  The exposure comes in the form of standard adverts as well as articles.

Graeme Lund, owner of Ricochet Publishing, says; “Through an innovative marketing campaign we have been able to assist restaurants, hotels, resorts, game reserves and spas market their products without having to pay cash.  They simply use their spare capacity, be it an empty room, a vacant table or an unused massage table, to pay for their advertising campaign.

“The advertiser simply gives us vouchers in exchange for their advertising campaign and we then sell these vouchers on our Bargain Buys website at a discounted rate – usually about 33%.  In this way the advertiser benefits from a very inexpensive but highly successful advertising campaign and the man-in-street can still afford life’s little pleasures without breaking their budget.”

Graeme adds; “The combined reach of this campaign is a minimum of 60 000 families.  We have planned and implemented this campaign very carefully. Our distribution strategy, sourcing of subscribers and targeting of Rnews has ensured that we reach people with disposable income and people who enjoy traveling, eating out and life’s other pleasures. Our readership is exposed to our advertisers again and again and we not only grab the attention of these decision makers but also educate them on our advertiser’s services or products.”

Ricochet Publishing has a very good marketing and advertising team that includes graphic designers, journalists and copy writers and strategists and a very large following on it various websites including Bargain Buys, Home Food and Travel and RNews.

If you are wanting to trade vouchers for advertising space watch the video to see how here.

For more information about this campaign please contact Liande on [email protected] or call 0861 636 845.