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LIKE A STAR: You can expect unmatched flair and pampering at Star Style Hairdressing

By Claudette Camons - Aug 5, 2014
LIKE A STAR: You can expect unmatched flair and pampering at Star Style Hairdressing

Ever heard the adage ‘girls with straight hair want curly and those with curly hair want it straight’? Well, because I fall into the latter category, I was utterly delighted when I got an opportunity to go for a Brazilian blowout at one of Port Elizabeth’s latest upmarket hair salons, Star Style Studio.

Star Style Studio started in Cape Town in 2010 by Oliver Erasmus before he decided to open another salon here this year. His aim is to make ladies look good and feel good about themselves - and that he most certainly is doing, as I discovered on my visit.

Upon my arrival, I welcomed by the salon’s manager, Bonnita, and her two staff who made me feel right at home. Comfortably seated, I learnt that the studio’s remarkably elegant décor had actually been done by Olivier’s twin brother and that everything is exactly identical to the salon in Cape Town - right down to the mirrors and furniture arrangement.

After our friendly chit-chat, I was ushered to the basins where my treatment promptly began with a special Brazilian blowout, anti-residue shampoo which Bonitta said thoroughly cleanses the hair so that there is no chemical build up. She said the shampoo treats the hair by infusing polymers and nutrients into the hair-shaft to make it super sleek and frizz-free for about 10-12 weeks.

Much to my surprise during the wash, the shampoo gave out a strong, pleasant vanilla fragrance and did not leave a harsh, chemical odour in my hair - as you would most hair products. Afterwards, my hair was blown dry and then flat-ironed to seal in the treatment which immidiately resulted in a distinctive straight shine.

The three hours it took for the treatment was defnitely worth it. After my pampering – and as advised by Bonnita, I purchased the shampoo and conditioner for my aftercare. I had to wait three days though before I could wash my hair again.

When I finally did, I was pleasantly surprised to see that none of my previous curls had returned. It has been days now, yet my hair still feels soft, strong and looks shiny without frizz. My Brazilian blowout treatment was definitely a success!

Looking to restyle your look this summer? I can highly recommend that you to try Star Style Studios - not only for their excellent service but also for their extremely reasonable and competitive prices.

For bookings or to find out about their other treatments, call 041 818 6929or visit 169 Main Road in Walmer, Port Elizabeth.