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Little Liam needs your help to walk

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015
Little Liam needs your help to walk

You are invited to a fundraising event at the end of this month that is aimed at helping a Port Elizabeth mother, Celeste Jansen, raise enough funds to enable her son, Liam Jansen, to undergo a few crucial operations to enable him to walk.

The mother, who orgainsed another fundraiser early this month at the Cape Recife High School, in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, said she was humbled by the support she received from local residents, however they failed to meet their target.

"The fundraiser was good, however, we didn't get the support we thought we would and only managed to raise R6 000 for Liam on the day. So, we hope that we can push for a bigger turn out with this next event," Celeste told RNews.

She said the next fundraiser is on the 27th of September at the Rocklands Paintball Adventures in Port Elizabeth.

"We will be having a paintball compotition, lots of stalls that you could buy items or food from, we will have raffles for sale with amazing prizes to be won, lucky draw competitions, auction of a painting and lots lots more," Celeste described.

Brave fighter

Liam, now 17 months old, was born with amniotic banding on both his legs and club feet.

“He has been to specialist after specialist both private and state and has had ponsetti treatment from the first week until he turned 10 months old, but with no improvement,” explained Celeste.

“The doctors have now said that they cannot help us any further with it, as the amniotic banding causes a restriction of blood flow to Liam's feet causing terrible pain and makes his feet swell more than they normally are.”

She said that specialists have said that his feet are too severe for treatment with drugs and the only thing that will help is to have more operations.

“Liam has already had two operations on his amniotic banding, however, he still has to have two more on his legs and he has to have and operation on his club feet to straighten and lift them in order for him to be able to walk,” Celeste said.

Let's stand together and help this little angel so that one day he will be able to walk and lead a normal life... 

"The amounts needed will be to cover the operation, the hospital stay, the specialist fee, the special shoes needed after the operation to keep his feet straight, physio to strengthen his muscles," said Celeste.

Alternatively, make a small donation to:

Little Liam's hospital savings account:

Liam Blake Jansen

Absa bank

Savings account

Acc no: 9308991471

Branch code: 632005

Their NPO registration number is 2005\018447\08

The smallest donation can make a Huge difference to this little boy!!!

Follow the fundraiser on Facebook: www.facebook.com/liamjansenfundraiser

Youcaring fund raising: www.youcaring.com/liam-jansen

To contact Celeste Jansen, call 072 888 6710 or email [email protected]