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LIVE BLOG: Its official, Trollip new Mayor, DA's Jonathan Lawack new Speaker

Aug 18, 2016
LIVE BLOG: Its official, Trollip new Mayor, DA's Jonathan Lawack new Speaker



Media briefing currently underway after inauguration. New Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip (DA); Deputy Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani (UDM); new Chief Whip, Werner Senekel (DA); new Speaker, Jonathan Lawack (DA); and Acting Municipal Manager, Johann Mettleraddress local and national media.

The hashtags #NMBCouncil, #AtholTrollip, and #Mongameli Bobani have been trending on Twitter since most of the morning with users sharing different opinions on the new administration for the Bay - following the ANC's loss in the August 3rd poll - the first time since 1994!

Others chided the ANC for adopting EFF tactics after it tried to disrupt proceedings early on before staging a walk out. 



Full article coming soon.



Trollip vows not to let the City down as he steps off the podium.



Trollip says Nelson Mandela Bay is open for business and will never be the same again.



Trollip: "This election has shown us that the voters have rejected the politics of racial division."



Trollip: It is time for this Metros 30 000 bucket toilets to go... He commits to proper sanitation by 2017.



Trollip: Nobody in the City, whose name does not appear in the housing list, will get a house.



Trollip promises to fight corruption, create jobs and end wasteful expenditure.



Meanwhile, the DA's candidate, Werner Senekal, has assumed the Chief Whip position in Nelson Mandela Bay. 



Athol Trollip makes his first speech as the new Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay.



The United Democratic Movement's (UDM) Mongameli Bobani elected as the new Executive Deputy Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay.



Confirmed. ANC Nelson Mandela Bay says Danny Jordaan wasn't allowed to come inside the council meeting as the doors were closed at 10am when meeting started.



Reports claim former Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan, was barred from entering the Feathermarket Centre were the council meeting is happening. Other reports suggest he is in.



Proceedings continue - as councillors elect new Deputy Mayor.



The ANC Nelson Mandela Bay caucus have objected to the appointment of Speaker and Mayor and have left the council meeting.


Despite a slow start to the historic Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality after the African National Congress (ANC) arrived late, proceedings eventually got underway with new Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, being elected by 67 votes.

There were fears early on of the ANC having boycotted the inaugration after it emerged that the party had allegedly sought to stop the council meeting - the party has since denied having sought to postpone the meeting.

The party also tried to make life tough for newly-elected Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Speaker, DA Councillor, Jonathan Lawack, with points of order.

 Images credit: @KristoffDJ via twitter

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