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Lobby group: “Jihadi John” used to be gentle

Lobby group: “Jihadi John” used to be gentle

The director of a British-based lobby group against the US-led war on terrorism, has described Kuwaiti-born Brit, Mohammed Emwazi, as an “extremely kind and a gentle” person before he joined the Islamic State (ISIS). On Thursday, the Washington Post identified Emwazi as the masked militia, nicked named Jihadi John for his English accent, who appeared in the series of beheading videos posted by the Jihadist group online last year.

In an article by Sky News, Research Director for CAGE, Asim Qureshi, told UK media that 26-year old North Londoner Emwazi, was "the most humble young person that I ever knew”, before blaming UK Security Service, MI5, for turning him into Jihadi John.

According to a statement on CAGE’s website and posted by Sky yesterday, University of Westminster computing graduate Emwazi went on a safari to Tanzania in 2009 shortly after obtaining his degree, but was detained at Dar es Salaam airport, where he was reportedly “physically dragged to a car waiting outside, and taken to a police station”.

“He was thrown into a cell while officers tried to strip him to his underwear. He remained there for about 24 hours without food or drink, being threatened by officers armed with guns and sticks,” the statement by CAGE read.

Emwazi was then put on a flight back to the UK but then detained by “armed men” following a stopover in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

“They stopped him and took him in a room for interrogation. An immigration officer took him to a cell where two agents were waiting. They introduced themselves as 'Fernando, from Dutch intelligence and Nick, from MI5,” the statement continued, alleging that “Nick” had accused Emwazi of wanting to join Al-Shabab in Somalia rather than going on holiday to Tanzania.

“In response, he pointed out that he had a return ticket and that Tanzania was far from Somalia. Most importantly, he said there was a civil war there and he had no intention to be part of it. Nick added that he would visit him and call him regularly and keep a close track of all his activities,” said CAGE.

The article then states that Emwazi was stopped after arriving in Dover and questioned as to his presence during the 7/7 and 9/9 terror attacks. He later learned that security services had told his fiancé that he was planning on going to Somalia, leading to her calling time on their relationship.

Following his return to London in 2010, after staying with his father in Kuwait, Emwazi was stopped at Heathrow before returning home eight days later. A sequence of refusals to be granted entry into the UK eventually led to him changing his name before leaving for Syria in 2013, having told family that he was going to help refugees in Turkey.

In a subsequent interview with the BBC, Dragana Haines, wife of British aid worker David Haines, one of the five Westerners killed in the videos, said she wanted Jihadi John to be captured alive and that he doesn’t deserve an “honourable death” for the killing of her husband.

Haines’ daughter, Bethany, however told broadcaster ITV, “I think all the families will feel closure and relief once there's a bullet between his eyes.”

UK authorities have yet to confirm whether Emwazi and Jihad John are indeed the same person.


IMAGE sourced from www.thetelegraph.co.uk