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Local artist John Meyer presents his Lost in the Dust exhibition

By Jesica Slabbert - Jun 21, 2017
Local artist John Meyer presents his Lost in the Dust exhibition

Well-known South African painter, John Meyer, presented his new 15-piece collection at the GFI Art Gallery in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday evening.

Meyer, who became a professional painter in 1972, is famously known for his works in the Hyper-Realist movement in Southern Africa.

He has travelled extensively, painting landscapes from Nevada to Norway.

Recently, Meyer has worked on several collections of narratives, set in historical settings, which can be seen in his recent work which is focused on the Boer War. His Lost In The Dust, exhibition offers an intimate and compelling look at how war affects the lives of those caught up within it.

The paintings weave history, imagination and narrative into a multi-layered realm that deals with the tragedies of war. They are at once compelling, delicate, emotional and foreboding.

“What I have tried to do here is to show that very thing about the people who got caught up in the war. They actually read as a sequence,” Meyer told RNEWS.

The exhibition was commissioned by Louis Norval, the Chief Executive Officer of Attfund Limited, the Managing Director of Pardev Asset Managers and an Executive Director at Sycom Property Fund Limited. 

The book on his new collection is on sale now as well.

Caption: John Meyer, Anelisa Nomatye from Investec.

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