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Local mobile franchise makes its mark in SA’s motor industry

Local mobile franchise makes its mark in SA’s motor industry

The vibrant local motor industry is one of the major and key contributors in South Africa’s economic landscape. From automotive manufacturing to after-market services, the sector accounts for an estimated 1.67% of South Africa’s total formal labour-force.

The Hope Factory has identified an opportunity in the sector’s after-market segment to facilitate the entry of black-owned small and micro businesses into the motor industry supply chains.

“We have partnered with Renew My Car International to further explore and leverage opportunities in the high growth, and often unrealised, potential offered by the Franchise business model,” the organisation said.

Renew My Car is a mobile business that provides an alternative solution to body shops and the services include light accident repairs, restoring body parts rather than replacing it with new expensive units, permanent scratch repair through a paint free approach as well as applying paint and fabric protection products.

“The Hope Factory supports three entrepreneurs in Port Elizabeth as franchisees by way of business mentoring. In addition, they were trained by Renew My Car as well as Plascon (for spray-painting) and use 3M products. This new partnership has been of great benefit because of the credibility of Renew My Car as an internationally established brand, enhanced through the relationship between 3M, Plascon and The Hope Factory,” the organisation said.

Kruven Kerspay, one of the franchisees said “being part of the business development programme at The Hope Factory has been the life-blood of my success so far. My business mentor has assisted me to navigate through challenges with excellent insight into situations.”

Recently, Kruven has been assigned the opportunity to service the fleet of one of The Hope Factory’s Investors; Coastland Sales, through Supplier Development.

“I have a nervous excitement about what the future holds,” says Kruven.

Siraaj Plaatjies, another franchisee shares how his biggest achievement since opening the Renew My Car Franchise, nearly a year ago, was securing monthly contracts with companies such as Bidvest Car Rental at the airport and Smart Insurance. His workload has increased from doing two or three jobs a week, on average, to eight or ten a week. 

He says: “The support structure received from The Hope Factory has been phenomenal as it has taught me how to run my business effectively. The services offered by Renew My Car and The Hope Factory complement each other well, which is ensuring our business growth and success.”

To further improve their prospects for long-term success, the businesses are aiming to form part of the Motor Industry Supply Chain.

Renew My Car clients enjoy the benefit of fast turnaround times at the best prices with the convenience of repair work that comes to you.