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Locals honoured and new Nelson Mandela statue unveiled in Port Elizabeth

Jul 18, 2017
Locals honoured and new Nelson Mandela statue unveiled in Port Elizabeth

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality on Tuesday honoured a number of local residents as it marked Nelson Mandela International Day in recognition of the extraordinary work they do to impact change in Metro communities.

"We also unveiled Madiba's statue at the Nelson Mandela Stadium where it was showcased to the public and will subsequently be moved to different locations in the Metro such as Helenvale, Motherwell and Uitenhage Square," described Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip.

"The recognition of these heroes and heroines today is done to celebrate their selflessness and to honour their work. These individuals who efforts are not necessarily trained at gaining personal recognition but are driven by humility and the need to uplift those who are less fortunate.

"And as the City that carries the name of one of the world's most celebrated political icons, we ought to show our gratitude to those who consistently push the boundaries to make this Metro an extraordinary and better place to live in."

The 18th of July is primarily earmarked for people across the glibe to take action and effect some change, even if only for 67 minutes, to pay forward Madiba's legacy.

"Organised by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in parthership with the Mandela Bay Development Agency and the Nelson Mandela Stadium, residents will be mobilised to commnicate their aspirations for Nelson Mandela, for the next 67 days, in the context of the values and attributes of the great late statesman," said Trollip.

"People will be encouraged through social and traditional media platforms to have their say in how the city's administration could best position itself to live up these values."