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Lolly Jackson murder trial resumes today

JANUARY 26, 2015
Lolly Jackson murder trial resumes today

The murder trial of Teasers boss, Lolly Jackson, is expected to resume in the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court, sitting as the Johannesburg High Court on Monday.

Cyprus national, George Louca, stands accused of shooting dead Jackson on the East Rand in 2010.

Louca, however, has fingered notorious Czech fugitive, Radovan Krejcir, as the man who pulled the trigger on the 'King of Sleaze'. He has deposed to a lengthy affidavit about what unfolded at his rented house in Kempton Park, south of Joburg, on May 3 2010.

In the document, signed in November last year, he names Krejcir as the triggerman.

After Jackson’s murder, Louca fled to his native Cyprus where he was arrested and, from a prison cell in Limassol, gave interviews saying he was not the one who pulled the trigger.

He insisted his life would be in danger if he returned to Johannesburg prompting authorities to hold him at a secret location for his own safety since being extradited last year.

Louca's last court appearance was via a video stream from that secret location.

Forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan told City Press that, in Louca’s version of events, Jackson was shot “subsequent to a verbal and then physical dispute concerning money laundering”.

“According to the sworn statement, Radovan Krejcir had produced fake documents to show that he had put money into an overseas account belonging to Lolly Jackson. Lolly Jackson realised that the money wasn’t there, and the dispute ensued.

“They met at George Louka’s rented accommodation, Radovan Krejcir pulled out a gun, shot Lolly Jackson dead and pointed the gun at George Louka,” said O’Sullivan, who has dedicated much of the past few years to having Krejcir arrested and tried on organised crime charges.

“Radovan Krejcir told George Louka to drag the body into the garage so they could put him into the back of his own Jeep and, during that process, George Louka saw an opportunity, jumped in the Jeep and drove off because he felt that he was going to be killed.

“Radovan Krejcir is the one who should be placed in the dock, not George Louka,” O’Sullivan said.

Louca, who is also known as George Smith, was a petty criminal and crack addict and met Krejcir when the two shared a jail cell in 2007. Krejcir later met Jackson and a complex money laundering scheme was allegedly hatched, with Louka acting as the middle man.

Officials suspect that millions of rands were shifted across borders, flouting exchange controls, so that Jackson could fund his insatiable appetite for flashy fast cars – primarily a Pagani Zonda imported from Singapore. It is this scheme investigators believe provided the motive for Jackson’s murder.

Krejcir, who is currently in jail on a separate attempted murder charge, also appears on the list.

The Czech’s lawyer Piet du Plessis said Krejcir had not been visited by any officials for consultations or a view to him taking the stand.

In 2014, Louca's lawyer said that his client still had charges of possession of stolen property to answer to from 2007.

The murder case has been set down until March 6.

Photo caption: Teasers boss, Lolly Jackson, was shot dead on the East Rand in 2010.