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Long queues as PE petrol stations run dry

By Charl Bosch - Dec 5, 2014
Long queues as PE petrol stations run dry

Nelson Mandela Bay is facing a potential fuel crisis after emergency repairs carried out at the Port Elizabeth harbour tanker berth, had resulted in numerous oil suppliers being unable to supply retailers throughout the Metro.

By mid-morning Friday, long queues has started to form outside various petrol stations across Port Elizabeth with some reportedly having already run dry of both diesel and unleaded petrol, while others had been allocating only a certain amount in order to keep up with demand.

“If the problem does get worse, nobody will be able to do business next week as we all are going to be stranded,” a motorist told Rnews while filling-up at the Sasol branch in Newton Park, where the queue had already started to form down Pickering street in a scene resembling the 1973 oil crisis.

“I think this is hilarious. What is happening in our country? You have to go around hoping for fuel or phone around as some of the petrol station don’t have fuel,” a lady motorist said while waiting in the queue at the same petrol station to fill up her Chevrolet Spark.

Having just managed to reach the front the queue at one of the pumps, a visibly annoyed motorcyclist said that shortage had become too much.

“You have to wait for everything. First they switch the lights off now there is no petrol. Garages don’t have petrol so everyone is losing money, [and] they probably knew about this problem six months back but waited for this weekend to fix it.”

Unconfirmed reports have also indicated that at least three petrol stations Uitenhage had run off out unleaded, while the supply in Jeffery’s Bay had been completely exhausted.


CAPTION: Queue outside the Sasol petrol station in Newton Park as motorists battle with a lingering fuel shortage in Nelson Mandela Bay. FILE IMAGE