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LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF: Soft Touch Wellbeing’s wellness GPS - it’s well-mapped!

LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF: Soft Touch Wellbeing’s wellness GPS - it’s well-mapped!

Usha, from Soft Touch Wellbeing in Newton Park, has become a household name in our office of late. Everyone who has gone for her treatments sings her praises. So I was very excited when I was recently invited to meet her and experience Soft Touch Wellbeing for myself.

My immediate impression of Usha was of a person who has absolute passion for what she does. I am not one to shy away from holistic and alternative healing and I also prefer non-invasive diagnostic procedures and so pleased when Usha introduced me to the NES Clinical Scanner.

She explained that by simply placing my right hand on this scanner, we could look inside myself - not my soul of course, but the machine would map my organs, muscles, bones and brain. I simply had to sit with both feet on the floor and let the device scan my body-field or energy.

A minute later, we had comprehensive results on my body.

Truly, it was like a GPS to my body. The computer did show graphs of my internal organs and amazingly also precisely mapped potential pain or illness areas.

I was mesmerised. I had not told Usha any of my own personal health issues wanting to see what she and this scan could tell me.

The graph on my nerves showed that my sciatic was a problem - I do suffer from sciatica. My lymph graph showed that the left side of my throat and arm were troubling me. Again, I had been fighting a cold and sore throat. The graph on my back muscles – the right scapula, showed it too was troubling me … yes, I often get knotted in that area.

A look at my brain showed that I have an overactive cerebral cortex. I do over-think matters - my husband agreed with this! It was astonishing that we could get all this information with just a scan of my hand.

Usha later explained more on the results of the scan. I will not bore you with my personal details - you really have to try it out for yourself!

She told me the NES Clinical Scanner can also compute a person’s nutritional status, environmental status, emotional and stress issues, energy levels, joint problems, digestive problems among other wellness issues.

To try the NES Clinical Scanner and experience Usha’s wellness restoration treatments, call 041 365 2762or 072 101 5808or visit Soft Touch Wellbeing at 54, 4th Avenue, Newton Park in Port Elizabeth.