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LOSE WEIGHT TODAY: And successfully keep it off with Weightloss Solutions


Looking to slim down for this spring and summer? You are not alone; about three months ago, I decided to start early on a personal goal to be healthy and toned by the time the warmer seasons arrive. However, like many people eager to lose weight, I soon succumbed to frustration.

Even after trying several get-slim-quick tricks, exercises and products, I was not making enough progress. Like most people, my biggest challenge was keeping the weight off after losing it.

When I asked my Doctor, he advised me to seek help from Sue Jones, a Health & Weight-loss Consultant and owner of a company called Weightloss Solutions in Port Elizabeth.

Although my Doctor knew little about Sue’s weight loss programme, he said three of his other patients, who had similar weight loss challenges, were doing remarkably well under Sue’s guidance. So, I immediately booked an appointment and met with her on the following day.

Sue explained to me how the programme works. Unlike most weight-loss gimmicks out there, she focuses on fixing your metabolic processes by controlling eating times and by cutting out preservatives among other things.

The big surprise was when Sue assured me that if I followed her weight loss programme fully, I would lose 7-10 kg per month without pills, shakes, injections or supplements!

I did as she said and, amazingly, in my first week shed 3.4kg without breaking a sweat in the gym. Sue actually advises against exercise in your first week.

She gave me recipes and meal plans in that first week so that I could understand the healthy eating habits that are at the core of the programme. I found the food tasty which made it easy to follow the plan and, unlike other rigorous dietary plans, Sue’s programme even allows you to have fried chicken in crumbs!

As proof to her weight loss solution, a work colleague who joined me on the programme has lost an amazing 12.5 kg in three months – that is despite her cheating all the time.

Above all, Sue is an amazing health and weight loss trainer! I cannot fully explain her positivity and enthusiasm about helping you achieve your goal weight fast! She is also always available for support; I once sent her a query around 7pm and was surprised when she replied immediately.

I can recommend Weightloss Solutions to anyone looking for an easy-to-follow weight loss solution. Call Sue today for your obligation-FREE consultation on 041 818 7955 / 073 350 9309 or email [email protected].