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LOVE WOODEN FLOORING: Why you should consider Inovar Floor’s solid engineered three-ply wooden flooring

By Charl Bosch - Aug 8, 2014
LOVE WOODEN FLOORING: Why you should consider Inovar Floor’s solid engineered three-ply wooden flooring

Whether you are building or just wanting to replace the old flooring in your home, choosing the right materials should never be taken lightly. A floor can add to the overall mood and character of a home. If you are considering wood, your best bet will be solid enginereed three-ply wooden floors as they last long and perform well in our climate.

Hence, a growing number of South Africans are installing solid engineered three-ply wood flooring in their homes and also taking advantage of its lower installation and maintenance costs - when compared with solid wood floors.

Recently, specialist floor fitment company, Inovar Floor, introduced a new product on the market, a range of solid engineered wooden flooring called Woodline Parquetry. The three-ply floor is made up of three layers of wood known as the lamella, core layer and base layer.

These usually consist of one top layer of precious hardwood like Oak or Walnut, and two layers of ply or softwood. Unlike the traditional multi-ply floor, which has its various sections glued together, Woodline Parquetry’s three-ply engineered floor is made with a strong Hevea core and a stabalising base layer.

Despite the upmarket look and appeal of a solid floor, the actual installation process can become a demanding and rather messy undertaking. Solid wood also needs to be sealed and moisturised before anyone can step on it – which can feel like a long time.

On the other hand, solid engineered wooden floors are not only easier to install, but due to the three layers, if the top finish has been sanded and sealed, you can immediately walk on it and go about your business.

Although the name is a little deceptive, three-ply engineered wooden flooring is actually made out of 100% real wood and can be stronger and may last longer than solid or multi-ply wooden flooring.

If you are looking to enhance you home soon, I can recommend that you give Woodline Parquetry Solid engineered wooden flooring from Inovar a try. For more information, contact Inovar Floor on 0860 346 356 or visit their website at www.inovar.co.za.