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Low Cost Housing Development Proposed Adjacent to Walmer Heights

By Supplied - Dec 15, 2014
Low Cost Housing Development Proposed Adjacent to Walmer Heights

Concerned Home Owners Appoint Lawyer

Home owners and residents of upmarket  PE suburb Walmer Heights have banded together to enforce their right to information and a consultative process regarding a proposed low cost housing development on their doorstep.

Residents, concerned with the effect that an estimated additional 1400 low cost houses may have on their house prices, peace, security and infrastructure have appointed Attorney and property specialist, Mr Craig de Lange, Director at BDLS Attorneys to assist in this regard.

In correspondence addressed to all current Walmer Heights residents, Mr de Lange is quoted as confirming that there remains confusion regarding whether Town Planning has indeed already approved the proposed development, despite the fact that the environmental impact assessment has not been completed.

Mr de Lange advised that in terms of the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998, a full environmental impact assessment had to be conducted before the development could be approved. During this process, all interested and affected parties would be encouraged to comment on various Environmental, Social and Economic issues relating to the proposed low cost housing development. Mr de Lange stated that it was therefore premature to suggest that the municipality had already approved the development.

As well as highlighting the various concerns and detailing the process which had to be adhered to, the communication encouraged participation and communication of residents and interested and affected parties. In order to register as an Interested and Affected Party and become meaningfully involved throughout the unfolding process, residents were urged to complete the registration form which would be available from wmarais@srk.co.za and email the completed forms back to that email address, copying in wh@burmeisters.co.za. It was noted that one does not have to be a resident in order to register as an Interested and Affected Party.


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