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Luck runs out for another of Port Elizabeth's most wanted

Jul 4, 2015
Luck runs out for another of Port Elizabeth's most wanted

Three suspects, who are believed to have been part of an armed gang that attacked two cops this week and made off with their service pistols, are expected in court in Port Elizabeth on Monday.

According to the police, the gang of at least eight suspects attacked the police officers after they had responded to a domestic violence call on Thursday night. The gang surrounded the police vehicle and strangled a female officer as she called for backup.

Other patrols that were in the area responded leading to the arrest of three suspects as the other five fled.

Apparently, one of the suspects arrested was wanted by police for the past three years for murder and robbery in Port Elizabeth and up to as far as Cradock.

The South African Police Service Cluster Commander for Motherwell Cluster, Major General Funeka Siganga said: "We are sweeping our policing areas and we are pleased that we have managed to arrest these most wanted criminals that have been responsible for so many robbery and murder cases and terrorising our community.

"We have detected information on various occasions that these criminals were planning to attack and rob our police men and women for their fire arms. Last night's attack confirms this, however we have shown them that we will not be soft targets."