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LUXURY AND WINTER WARMTH: Indulge in true home comforts with Makoti Down

LUXURY AND WINTER WARMTH: Indulge in true home comforts with Makoti Down

They say we spend a third of our lives asleep – a very long time to spend in a dreary bed! Not only does it cause restless nights and fatigue the next day, but over time it can put you at risk with everything from obesity to depression. Thus, as odd as it sounds, I am very serious about dressing my bed!

Nothing compares to a full, restful sleep under toasty-warm and feather-light bedding or butter-soft linen; and, for me, nothing says choice home comforts like Makoti Down Products, even if I have to splurge a little.

Makoti is all about transforming bedrooms into spaces for escape and absolute relaxation. With luxurious products and accessories such as duvets, linen, pillows, featherbeds, towels and slippers in several colours, sizes, fabrics and weaves, shopping at Makoti is a happy decision that most families have never regretted.

That is because all Makoti products are made only from quality materials, such as Hungarian goose down and 100% Egyptian cotton; are fully-washable, generously-sized and even come pre-shrunk to minimise subsequent shrinkage. Each item is sewn or embroidered to detail and every section meticulously sealed so that the down cannot shift inside; maximising the loft for better insulation and a fluffier appearance.

Twenty five years of experience have ensured that Makoti Down duvets, eiderdowns and comforters will deliver many years of comfort and warmth – even becoming family heirlooms!

If anyone in your family is allergic to dust mites, you have more reason to buy Makoti. All their bedding is tightly-woven, down-proof and NOMITE certified, which makes it safe for enjoyment by sufferers.

I found shopping on the smartly-designed and secure Makoti website is easy and only takes you a few minutes. Shipping confirmation, with your tracking number, is sent to you as soon as your order is shipped. If you do not find anything you like on the website, Makoti will gladly personalise items for you – which is a great thing when you are hunting for wedding and other gifts.

They also do alterations for your old or new down and feather duvets, even if they are not Makoti products. Besides restoring your old duvets and pillows – saving you money and reducing harm on the environment, Makoti can also convert your summer duvets into autumn weight or vice-versa. And you can send them all your down items for professional cleaning.

If you are not hibernating this winter, Makoti’s high-quality and warm goose down sleeping bags, waistcoats and jackets will help you keep the bitter cold winds at bay.

Many customers have also come to appreciate the warm, prompt, professional and efficient service that they get from Makoti staff. To find out for yourself, shop at www.makoti.co.zatoday!