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Mabuyane welcomes conviction of rhino poachers by Grahamstown High Court

Mar 16, 2019
Mabuyane welcomes conviction of rhino poachers by Grahamstown High Court

Grahamstown - Eastern Cape MEC for Finance, Economic Development, Environment Affairs and Tourism, Oscar Lubabalo Mabuyane, on Friday welcomed the conviction of rhino poachers by the Eastern Cape High Court sitting at Grahamstown.

"The steps taken by the government together with our social partners led to the conviction of these thugs who are trying to destroy the province’s wild life.

"I strongly believe that the conviction of the poachers sends a strong message to other wannabe poachers that they must not even consider poaching our animals because they will be jailed," Mabuyane said.

He appealed to local communities residing in villages next to wildlife parks not to accommodate strangers in their homes because some of the poachers use rural villages neighboring parks as a base for planning their poaching activities.

"The provincial government has upped the ante in fighting Rhino poaching by using technology like chips and fencing to protect wild life from poaching thugs."

R15 Million invested to enhance security

Mabuyane said that the Eastern Cape government is investing R15 million to improve the security at the parks under the ownership of the provincial government.

"The people of the Eastern Cape are united behind anti rhino poaching program and this unity will make it difficult for anyone to poach rhinos in the province," he added.

"With a united voice, young and old, black and white, private, public sector, police and the justice system, we are saying we will never allow poaching in our province.

"As the poachers who were found guilty in all 55 charges by the court will be sentenced, I call for a tough sentence to send a strong deterring message to any person or group that might be planning to poach wild life anywhere in the South Africa."

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