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‘Madibaz you are embarrassing Tata Madiba’: SASCO

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 2, 2018
‘Madibaz you are embarrassing Tata Madiba’: SASCO

Reacting to the Nelson Mandela University’s rugby team’s loss of its fourth Varsity Cup match in a row, the South African Student Congress Organisation (SASCO) the team’s performance had become an embarrassment for an institution that holds the name of a global icon, the late former President, Nelson Mandela Bay.

SASCO said that changes have to be made to rescue the team - fondly called the Madibaz.

“Simply because of our respect for Tata Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela, we will not use the words of Minister Fikile Mbalula when he said; ‘What I saw there was not a problem of coaching, it was just a bunch of losers, who have no respect for this country and don’t have respect for anybody’,” SASCO said in a statement.

“The changes will include addressing the director of Sports department and her team because they continue proving themselves that they are useless and they are dismally failing to come up with a strategy to rescue our team.”

SASCO further alleged that people in the NMU’s sports department loot and entertain themselves with alcohol in VIP rooms instead of finding ways to develop their performance

It said that the “fruit salad strategy” by the Madibaz coaches was failing dismally.

“We have been consistent in raising our views with the director of sports and her staff with regards to the recruitment of players and their strategy used. They clearly refuse to understand why they were employed by the university and intentionally ignore the transformation agenda,” SASCO added.

Apparently, they also advised Madibaz to conduct themselves with pride and put in amounts of efforts as they defend the legendary name of Madiba – as Mandela was called.

Despite the team’s losing streak, students have remained loyal.

“It’s not very easy for students to leave their rooms in cold and rainy weathers, to stand in long shuttle lines and sing for 80 minutes just to be embarrassed and go home disappointed.

“SASCO believes that we can still win some games on the remaining ones; all we are asking from our players is to deliver a win to us,” SASCO described.

They also promised to embark on a protest and close the VIP section of the university’s department of sport if Madibaz doesn’t win in their next game.

SASCO said that the money that is used for food and drinks would rather be spent through the SRC’s feeding scheme for poor students.

 “Also, if we lose the following game on the 1st half, we will have no choice but to enter the field and take the game over.

“Pointers and many other rugby teams will be engaged to prepare themselves for the game. On the last point Big must be in the starting up line as he has proven himself to be the best player,” it added.