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MAGICAL MAURO: Tantalising Italian food at its finest

MAGICAL MAURO: Tantalising Italian food at its finest

There is one local chef who never fails to excite my taste buds. After first savoring Mauro’s culinary talents from his beachfront days, I have always followed him from venue to venue, like a faithful devotee.

Mauro’s latest venture is my absolute favourite. After flooding ruined his La Casa restaurant in Seaview Road in August last year, he took over operations at Elephant Walk Restaurant in November and has since stamped his famed fine cuisines on this establishment - now called Mauro @ Elephant Walk Restaurant.

This country venue is quaint and offers ample parking. I have always found it very neat with a lively atmosphere and the staff friendly and helpful. Besides, Mauro @ Elephant Walk Restaurant is situated in Colleen Glen only a few minutes’ drive from my new home.

Having not dined at the restaurant in a while, I made a last minute booking for a 7.00pm dinner on a recent Friday evening. I was lucky to secure a spot as Mauro @ Elephant Walk is often packed with patrons on these evenings.

One of the reasons that I enjoy Mauro’s restaurants is that I always find seasonal specials based on local fresh ingredients.

On this particular evening, I was very excited to discover that Mauro had juicy scallops on the ‘specials’ menu. My partner and I were eager try them out after watching Come Dine with Me on TV.

Not knowing what to expect, we ordered one serving to share as our starter. Scallops, we soon discovered are absolutely delicious. They feel like muscles but are far less fishy in taste; still, it was Mauro’s mastery that stood out. He had smothered the scallops in a garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese for one flavoursome start to our dinner.

For our mains we were absolutely torn between various appetising Italian dishes including pizzas, pastas, various grills and seafood – all reasonably priced. We finally settled for succulent fillet steaks topped with spinach, bacon and feta sauce, served with chips and roasted veggies – again, we were not disappointed!

It is no wonder why I am always following Mauro.

You will be excited to know that Mauro will be hosting a special Valentine’s dinner, this February, with a ‘special’ menu that will blow your mind. There is limited space, so reserve your seating now on041 372 1470 to avoid disappointment!