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Maize production drop hints at food price hikes

MAY 4, 2015
Maize production drop hints at food price hikes

United Nations agency, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome says the price of food in Southern Africa could increase following a 26 %  fall in maize production across the region. It expects countries across the region importing more grains, a move which could adversely impact recent food security gains.  

FAO economist, Jonathan Pound, told the SABC that countries such as South Africa and Zimbabwe were likely to increase their grain imports.

“We expect that the decline in production this year is likely to aggravate the food security conditions and probably lead to some upward price pressure in the region.

Because there was a large drop of production this year, we are forecasting an increase in import requirements for several countries within the region including South Africa.

Particularly Zimbabwe is expected to import increased amounts this year because of their forecast drop of production.

There will be several other countries within the sub-region that are likely to import or require more imports to satisfy their domestic requirements,” says Pound.