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Major housing development planned for Hunters Retreat area

JANUARY 22, 2015
Major housing development planned for Hunters Retreat area

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has initiated an environmental impact assessment for a major housing development in the Hunters Retreat area.

The N2 North Integrated Housing Development is planned to incorporate approximately 3 000 to 3 500 residential units, according to the Draft Scoping Report on the project.

The units will be a “suitable mix” of affordable/GAP bonded housing; middle market bonded housing and private rental housing as well as some fully-subsidised units, FLISP and social housing units along with economic, social and other communal amenities.

The report describes the development as being “a strategic opportunity to create strong economic development and linkages” and the development will take place in line with this.

It notes that the majority of the development will be aimed at the private market and driven by private sector investment, with government involvement “applicable to project preparation, development rights, subsidised housing and bulk infrastructure.

“Fully-subsidised housing is envisaged to comprise in the region of 18% of the housing products”.

The report states that as a “fully integrated housing development,” the N2 project is planned to integrate “on various fronts,” including spatial and physical integration, housing products, typologies and tenure options as well as “multi-stream fund sourcing and integrated financial solutions”.

The report says the development is “a critical bridge between the Baywest node, the Greenbushes industrial area and the residential suburb of Rowallan Park.

“The area is regarded as strategic infill development close to economic opportunities.


IMAGE sourced from google maps