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“Majuru confronts Mugabe”- report

“Majuru confronts Mugabe”- report

Ousted Zimbabwean Vice-President, Joice Majuru, has a launched wide-scale attack on veteran President Robert Mugabe, fuelling speculation of an imminent split within the ruling Zanu-PF party.

According to Zimababwe’s News Day newspaper, Majuru loyalists claimed that Mugabe had violated the party’s founding principles of contesting an elective congress, held last month, as sole candidate when a minimum of two is required.

The faction also blasted the comments made by First Lady Grace Mugabe against Majuru, accusing her of  “preaching the gospel of hate in the presence of our very impressionable youths and the traumatised impoverished population” as well as “leaving a trail of destruction an division with her husband” since being elected as leader of the country’s powerful Woman’s League late last year.

“In the build-up to this illegal congress, it became clear that this clique of evil plotters had successfully waylaid Amai Grace Mugabe and Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe and started using them as weapons to unleash venomous and uncouth statements against anyone they perceived to be standing for the original Zanu PF values, ideals and ethos,” former Presidential Affairs Minister, Didymus Mutasa, wrote in a statement.

“As upright cadres of the revolution, we resolutely and patiently waited for the cardinal direction of our elected First Secretary and President of Zanu PF, but his customary clear and unequivocal stance did not come until this undemocratic congress. In disbelief, Zanu PF and the whole nation listened to their leader berating his own protégés not only in the party, but in government and the august House of Parliament”.

Mutasa stated that instead of uplifting the people of the Zimbabwe, the congress “degenerated into a praise and worship playhouse,” adding that “his clique has robbed President RG Mugabe of his legacy as a unifier, a rational thinker and not only a national leader, but also one who inspired the region and the continent of Africa.”

“We are therefore calling on Zanu PF cadres to join us in refusing to accept the illegal congress and its outcomes; we call on our Dear Comrades to stand united and remain resolute in their defence of the true values of the liberation struggle towards which we all made contributions which has been.”


CAPTION: Dismissed former Zimbabwean Vice-President, Joice Majuru. IMAGE sourced from www.thetelescopenews.com