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Makana municipal strike ends

OCTOBER 6, 2015
Makana municipal strike ends

Things had reportedly returned to normal in the Makana Local Municipality on Monday following a week-long strike by the municipality's workers. The workers downed tools on the 28th of September amid reports of problems with their salary payments.

"Community members are advised not to take out their refuse and those who have already taken them out are requested to take it back in to avoid littering. We will consider other means of trying to collect the refuse but that will be communicated once finalised," the municipality had advised during the strike.

"Also be advised that other essential services are running accordingly and no interruptions are anticipated.

"The municipality is apologizing profusely for this unfortunate situation, we are trying all means necessary to restore order so things could go back to normal."

The Makana Local Municipality last week also threatened "action will be taken against those who [will] have not reported on their work stations" by Monday.

Last week, the municipality managed to get a court interdict preventing the workers from continuing with the now illegal strike,