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Makana Municipality mayor and speaker sacked

Jul 30, 2015
Makana Municipality mayor and speaker sacked

The struggling Grahamstown-based Makana Local Municipality is expected convene a special council meeting to elect a new leadership soon after the sacking of Executive Mayor, Zamuxolo Peter, and Municipal Speaker, Rachel Madinda-Isaac.

The two were implicated in the municipality's Kabuso Report which reveals allegations of serious irregularities, including unauthorised payments.

The African National Congress (ANC)-controlled Makana Local Municipality, which includes Grahamstown, Alicedale and Riebeck East, is currently under Section 139(b) administration.

Ever since Peter became Executive Mayor, the Makana municipality has experienced many challenges such as water and skills shortages in critical areas. The municipality has been without a permanent CFO and Municipal Manager for years. It has also experienced challenges in collecting revenue from residents.

The Auditor General's report also picked up issues of fruitless and unaccounted expenditure.  

In August last year, Pam Yako took over as the administrator and was given six months to stabilise the municipality, but her contract was extended until the end of July.

Both Peter and Mandinda-Issac are expected to officially hand over their resignation.