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Make healthy vision a priority for your child.

Mar 27, 2017
Make healthy vision a priority for your child.

Did you know 1 in 4 children experience vision problems?

Give your child the best chance at enjoying and reaping the rewards of the most formative years by having regular eye exams. It is important to know that children without any apparent visual difficulties should be screened around the age of four years. However, children with any difficulties such as abnormal visual behaviours or squinting should be assessed promptly. Eye exams are essential for all children and it is recommended that they should have a check-up every two years to ensure that any vision problems are identified and treated.

It is a very simple procedure. In addition to examining the eyes for common childhood development problems, the doctor will also determine whether or not your child needs

There are prominent symptoms you can identify even if your child says nothing about having vision problems.

Early warnings, which demand action, may include:

• Using finger to maintain place when reading

• Holding reading material closer than normal

• Turning or tilting head to use one eye only

• Frequent reversals when reading or writing

• Consistently performing below potential

• Losing their place while reading

• Avoiding close work

• Headaches


Contact your Ophthalmologist today and make sure your child has clear vision!