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Make use of a property law expert: Eliminate ambiguities and prevent protracted litigation

Make use of a property law expert: Eliminate ambiguities and prevent protracted litigation

Purchasing a high value property is a decision that is not taken lightly and it is imperative that the correct legal advice is received when undertaking this transaction.

Tracey Watson-Gill, from Goldberg & de Villiers Inc, who specialises in structuring property deals and has 20 years’ experience as well as an advanced tax certificate from UNISA, says, “It is important when buying or selling a high value property that the parties ensure that there are no ambiguities which could give rise to protracted and expensive litigation and that the parties' intentions are correctly recorded and that the transaction is as cost effective as possible from a tax perspective”.

The Property Law and Conveyancing Department at Goldberg & De Villiers Inc, headed by Tracey and co-director Adri Ludorf, has extensive experience and has acted for various financial institutions, national and regional corporate clients, property developers, parastatals, provincial government and local authorities, voluntary and community associations and private individuals.

“The legal and taxation landscape constantly changes and can result in unintended consequences for the unwary.  Buyers may find themselves burdened with unforeseen problems if they do not obtain professional advice.

“Furthermore you will be surprised at how often simple errors, such as failing to specify, in a vatable transaction, which party is liable to pay VAT, can result in unexpected costs for the investor. This is where we can assist our clients to avoid these pitfalls.”

Goldberg & De Villiers serves as panel attorneys for all the major Financial Institutions and is also included on the panel of Attorneys for various Private Banks as well the Private Client Divisions and Corporate and Commercial Divisions of various Financial Institutions, which divisions service clientele with specialised needs. In some instances, they are one of only two firms of Attorneys on the panels of Private Banks and are accustomed to the needs and demands of clients with specialised facility requirements.

Tracey concludes, “We have invested in the latest information technology, not only to comply with the Service Level Agreement requirements of our Financial Institution Clients, but also to promote efficient service delivery to our clients”.

Contact her on 041-5019800 or 0848 123 234 for peace of mind with your property deal.


Photo caption: Tracey Watson-Gill