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Makhanda - formerly Grahamstown, now a city of shame: DA

Jan 11, 2019
Makhanda - formerly Grahamstown, now a city of shame: DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape on Friday claimed that the town of Makhanda - formerly Grahamstown, has become a city of shame.

"Human waste running down the streets, RDP houses with no toilets and no water, houses with bucket systems that have not been serviced since before December, filth lying roof high on almost every corner of the town, and potholes that will shred car tyres and damage vehicles," said Jane Cowley (MPL), DA Frontier Constituency Leader.

"This is what remains of the once beautiful city of Makhanda.

"I will be writing to the MEC for COGTA, Fikile Xasa once again, to voice my concerns and demand that action be taken to ensure adequate service delivery to the residents of Makhanda is implemented."

Cowley said that she will also escalate the matter to my colleague Kevin Mileham MP in the National Assembly, "to try to establish why the African National Congress (ANC) continues to ignore the plight of the people of Makhanda".

She said that these critical issues were once again highlighted during a recent oversite inspection by the provincial leader of the Democratic Alliance, Nqaba Banga, along with Solly Malatsi, Makashule Gana, Mlindi Nhanha, DA councillors and activists.

'Residents of Makhanda living in appalling conditions'

"The living conditions we witnessed are appalling.  They pose a massive health risk as residents are forced to walk through, and live next to raw sewage daily," Cowley added.

"The ANC government has failed completely in its mandate to bring services to the people of Makhanda. And now their neglect could result in large-scale illness such as Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera and Hepatitis, which are all related to faecal exposure.

"The Democratic Alliance has repeatedly called for the Makana Municipality to be placed under administration. More recently, they have called for the dissolution of council. DA councillors have been illegally removed from council for raising issues of service delivery.

"How many residents must suffer illness or even death from living in subhuman conditions, before the ruling party starts paying attention?"

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