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Making waves globally: Xtreme Projects helps businesses prevent or clean-up their environmental pollution

Making waves globally: Xtreme Projects helps businesses prevent or clean-up their environmental pollution

24-Hour emergency spill response company, Xtreme Projects, which is based in Nelson Mandela Bay, is putting South Africa on the global map with regards to oil, hazmat and operational support, both on land and at sea.

The company, which was founded by intrepid entrepreneur, Kevin Kelly, in 2004, has helped thousands of businesses prevent pollution and comply with regulations - effectively saving them money on potential fines and preventing damage to the environment.

For its efforts, the company reached the finals of the 2014 Africa Oil & Gas Awards, which were held in Sandton, Johannesburg in September, in the following categories: 'Innovation of the Year', 'Best New Technology of the Year' and 'Manufacturer of the Year'.

“We were also recognised by the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA). Titan Salvage, the main contractor on the Costa Concordia salvage operation, received the award and in turn recognised us for our contribution to them receiving this accolade,” said Kelly.

“Because of these and other awards and nominations, we are noticing that we are starting to be seen among the top players in this industry. It also means companies now have a bigger pool of service providers to choose from – five years ago, it used to be just one company from Norway.”

Kelly said that Xtreme Projects was also expanding its footprint across the globe as demand for their services and booms continues to grow.

“We are currently finalising our expansion into Mauritius and Mozambique while a Brazil branch is on the cards. At the end of October we sent our booms to Australia.

“Closer to home, we are working on opening a branch in Durban after which we will extend to Richards Bay too. Since we already have branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth Harbour and at the Port of Coega and in Namibia, we will soon have the whole southern African coastline covered!” described Kelly.

“We are now also doing LPLs for vessels that do not want to come into the harbour. With our own boats we are replenishing supplies to passing vessels as well as assisting with crew changes so they do not have to come into the harbour – effectively saving them time and money.”

He said that Xtreme Projects had also launched an engineering division.

About future expansion, he said that in five years’ time his company was looking into having a presence in East and West Africa where “there is a big need for our services”.

“I am not sure yet, but probably by next year (2015) I would want to sell a franchise. Franchising the business would give other people the opportunity to get in on this business – especially previously disadvantaged groups,” Kelly said.


IMAGE: mype.co.za