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“Malema’s removal was illegal” - EFF

By Charl Bosch - Sep 10, 2015
“Malema’s removal was illegal” - EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has confirmed the submission of an application to have the removal and suspension of party leader Julius Malema from Parliament yesterday, declare “unlawful and unconstitutional”.

Speaking in a statement, EFF Acting National Spokesperson, Fana Mokoena, said presiding officer Grace Borotho’s decision to have Parliamentary Security remove Malema from the National Assembly, was illegal as no disturbance or physical threats was posed to fellow MP’s.

Malema was also placed on a five day suspension from Parliament after refusing to withdraw a remark in which he described Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa, as a murderer in relation to the Marikana tragedy three years ago.

“Rule 53A, which is illegal, only grants the presiding officer the power to call for physical removal of a member who causes a disruption in the House or poses physical threat to other members of parliament,” Mokoena said, referring to Parliament’s recently introduced revised rules.

“At no time during the refusal by the CIC was he causing any disruption to the proceedings of the House. The ridiculousness of the ruling by Boroto is demonstrated by her decision to immediately adjourn the sitting of the House immediately after CIC Malema was physically removed from the House”.

He also added that the party would be submitting a court order to have Malema’s suspension overturned and that it would not be apologising for referring to Ramaphosa as a murderer.

“The police must move swiftly with their investigation of the criminal case opened in Marikana against Ramaphosa and others. He must be arrested, prosecuted for mass premeditated murder and rot in jail,” Mokoena said.