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Malema’s Zim appearance cancelled

Malema’s Zim appearance cancelled

A Zimbabwean media outlet has called-off an appearance by Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema due to the recent spate of xenophobia attacks.

In a statement, Alpha Media Holdings publisher, Rita Chinyoka, said that Malema’s speech, which was set to take place on Wednesday in the capital Harare as part of a Game Changer series, was withdrawn after registered delegates started cancelling their attendance out of protest for the attacks on the foreigners, which has so far claimed seven lives.

“It is most unfortunate that the timing of this event coincided with this situation and, therefore, we could not ignore the sentiments expressed,” CityPress quoted Chinyoka as saying.

She also stated that the timing of the event and the attacks was “unfortunate” but that their broad representation of Zimbabweans couldn’t be ignored.

“We always plan to carry out events that represent our brands proudly and that enable discussions which are challenging and thought provoking,” she said, before adding that they plan on having the event at a later stage in order for Malema to attend.