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Man arrested after trying to steal millions of rands from employer

APRIL 6, 2015
Man arrested after trying to steal millions of rands from employer

A man was arrested on Sunday morning in Nelspruit on allegations of pointing of a firearm, theft and kidnapping - more charges to be added against him, Mpumalanga police said. He had tried to swindle his employer of  millions of rands.

The suspect allegedly forced an accountant of Mlondolozi Game Lodge in Skukuza, Kruger National Park to disclose a pin number so that he could conduct an illegal transfer of millions of rands belonging to his employer who owns the lodge.

The suspect was also working in the finance department.

The accountant apparently refused to heed to the demands of the suspect and he then kidnapped him and took him to the bushes where he tied him up. He then pointed him with a firearm and demanded that the accountant disclose the pin code. The victim then, under duress, complied to the demands.

The suspect managed to do an illegal transfer from the account of his employer to his account.

The figures are not yet known currently, however, the suspect told the police that it is millions of rands.

On Sunday morning, the suspect also stole a vehicle belonging to his employer.

His journey was cut short in Nelspruit where the police, after receiving information about his acts, intercepted his moves and arrested him. Police discovered about R200 000 cash / Dollars and some other stolen items.

The man he tied in the bushes was discovered by the rangers of Kruger National Park unharmed.

The man is due to appear before the Nelspruit Magistrate's court on Tuesday.