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Man expected in Port Alfred court for possession of stolen cell tower batteries

Apr 1, 2019
Man expected in Port Alfred court for possession of stolen cell tower batteries

43 Year old male arrested for possession of stolen celltower batteries, Port Alfred

Port Alfred - A 43-year-old man is expected in court after he was arrested over the weekend after being found in possession of stolen property.

"This followed after police in Kwazakele, Port Elizabeth, on Saturday followed up on information about stolen cell tower batteries and solar panels being transported on a bus, which led them all the way to the R72 in Port Alfred," said police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge.

"At 18:00, the bus was spotted and stopped.

"On searching the bus, police confiscated 20 celltower batteries, two solar panels and a flatscreen television."

Capt Beetge said that the total value of the stolen voods are estimated to be over R400 000.

"A 43 year old male was arrested and charged for the possession of the stolen goods, which he was alledgedly transporting to Zimbabwe."

He is appearing before the Port Alfred Magistrate's Court on Monday on the charge.

Theft of cell tower back-up batteries

This is not the first case of theft of cell tower back-up batteries in the Port Elizabeth.

The back-up batteries are what keeps cell phones working even during load shedding and play a vital role in ensuring that in the event of an emergency during a blackout when landlines are down, people can still find help.

However, they have lately become hot items for criminals.

Because nobody wants cell towers in their backyard, they are often placed a distance from people's homes. Unfortunately, that means criminals can often break in and steal items without worry -  which can cost a community in lives lost in the event of an emergency.

The theft of these batteries also costs network providers a lot.

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