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Man shot on Port Elizabeth beachfront after chasing after teen who robbed tourists

Jan 10, 2018
Man shot on Port Elizabeth beachfront after chasing after teen who robbed tourists

A 19-year-old suspect was arrested on the Port Elizabeth beachfront on Wednesday afternoon after allegedly robbing tourists and shooting one of the members of the public, who ran after him.

"Two tourists were walking along the beachfront in Port Elizabeth when they were confronted by a suspect threatening them with a firearm," said Precision Tow-In Services driver, Phillip Wolfsburg, who was among emergency services that responded to the incident. 

According to to Port Elizabeth-based private security company, Atlas Security, in a post on its Facebook Page; "The suspect, armed with a firearm stole the ladies necklace and ran off."

The suspect apparently jumped into a taxi in a bid to escape.

"Members of the community then gave chase and the suspect, fired two shots, hitting one member [in the hip] - slightly wounding them and missed the other person," the company said.

Wolfsburg said that the other member continued the chase and managed to catch the suspect. 

"Well done to these brave men, wishing the injured hero a speedy recovery."

Atlas Security said that their control room was informed by a message on WhatsApp of the incident.

"We arrived on scene and comforted the elderly couple and provided support while the SAPS arrived.

"Well done to all role players on the scene and fast reaction by community members. The suspect has been arrested and handed over to the SAPS."

The suspect has since been taken into police custody and is expected to appear in court on a charge of attempted murder and armed robbery.

Police also seized the firearm used in the robbery and shooting.