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Mandela Bay losing one councillor after 2016 poll

OCTOBER 8, 2014
Mandela Bay losing one councillor after 2016 poll

Nelson Mandela Bay will now have 119 councillors after the 2016 Local Government Election, one less than it has at present.

Eastern Cape Local Government and Traditional Affairs MEC Fikile Xasa has published a notice in the Provincial Gazette determining that the metro will have 119 councillors.

This is 10 more than it qualified for in terms of the formula published in the Government Gazette by Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Pravin Gordhan.

The deciding factor in the formula was the number of registered voters, which in the case of Nelson Mandela Bay is 592 749.

The formula, however, is only a guideline and it is Xasa who has the authority to determine the number of councillors there will be in each municipality.

In terms of Section 18(3) of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, a municipal council will consist of “a number of councillors determined by the MEC for local government in the province concerned by notice in the Government Gazette”.

Xasa published the notice in the Provincial Gazette on October 6.

In most cases Xasa has increased the number of councillors from that determined by the formula.

Buffalo City, for example, will continue to have 100 councillors and not 91, the number based on the formula, while neighbouring Kouga will still have 29 councillors and not drop to 28.

In terms of the Act, the MEC can alter the number of councillors in a municipality but may do so “only with effect from the next election of the municipal council”.

The reduction in the number of metro councillors will therefore only take effect after the 2016 Local Government Election.

The MEC also has the authority to decide which councillors, if any, will be designated as full-time. - MetroMinutes.


Photo caption: MEC Fikile Xasa has released a notice in the Provincial Gazette, saying that the Metro will now have 119 councillors. Photo courtesy of www.dispatchlive.co.za