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Mandela University’s School of Architecture project lights up the inner city

Feb 6, 2018
Mandela University’s School of Architecture project lights up the inner city

It is that time of the year when the Nelson Mandela University School of Architecture embarks on a fun, interactive project that allows students from first to fifth-year Architecture, first to fourth-year Architectural Technology and Interior Design students work together for three days on a project.

This will not only assist them to get to know each other but also engage on a professional level, while working on an educational task. This year the task is Forest of Lights! A Beautiful protest.

Port Elizabeth’sCentral – the area roughly bounded by Rink, Russel, Chapel and Cuyler streets – has been suffering from a serious lack of working street lights for some time now.  

A rough estimate might put the number of street lights not working at about 35%.  This should be regarded as a factual piece of information needing to be determined. 

How? Quite simply by visiting the area after dark and counting the number of lights not working (as well as the total number of lights, of course, this part could be done in the daytime).

The exercise would also draw your attention to the particulars, nature and techniques of the lighting of urban space and place.   Impact on safety is a serious implication which needs to be observed and felt.

So, we will be filling the city square with lights and lights. A forest of light. Students will not be allowed to make use of electricity, petrol or paraffin, only 12volt batteries may be used and therefore alternative energy must be used.

Students will start to assemble the lights from 2pm on Wednesday afternoon and by round about 7:30pm to 8:30pm the lights will be switched on.

We hope to open to create awareness of safety in Central through this beautiful sculptural exhibition.