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Mango Airlines gives St Ansgar’s School learners an experience to dream high

Aug 11, 2017
Mango Airlines gives St Ansgar’s School learners an experience to dream high

A number of learners from St Ansgar’s Combined School were treated to a morning at Lanseria Airport hosted by Mango Airlines. The moment their faces lit up as they stepped aboard a trademark orange Mango Airlines, Boeing 737-800 aircraft, this became more than a CSI initiative.

For most, the fascinated and happy faces showed that this was the first time they had been on an airplane. It was also an opportunity for Mango to propose the possibility of a career in the airline industry. 

On arrival at Lanseria – Mango’s northern Johannesburg airport hub, the leaners received a warm welcome from Kevin Morudu, Mango Airlines Marketing Coordinator, who led them to the aircraft. While on board the Mango pilot, Charles Enever, had the children intrigued as he passionately explained all the various controls and answered their many questions.

The very stylish Grace Mkwane, the senior Cabin Crew Attendant, gained a huge following with the young girl learners who left considering a flying career.

Morudu adds, “We offered the learners a well-rounded tour that included the aircraft and the airport operations, as well as a talk about career opportunities. Some of the learners were captivated with the preparations that happen before a flight takes off, while others were clearly drawn to the cockpit and its very busy instrument panel. We can only hope that a dream of flying was ignited in some of the learners and in a couple of years they will be the ones hosting tours for the school learners of the future.”

The tour ended with learners been given air-meals, Mango T-shirts and matching caps. “I’m sure that our morning with the learners will not be forgotten for a long time. In fact we hope that for some learners it is just the beginning of a love affair with flying. This is one morning that went beyond a textbook classroom lesson to inspire the children to reach new heights,” concludes Morudu.